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apple spam emailI am calling from Apple Company, Mumbai won 20 lakhs ,

call on this number – 00923017103383, named Suresh Pandey.

Its early morning, 28th May 2014, Just 7 AM got  a call from +923087587989. I received then it replied that I am calling from Apple company and in a lottery you have won 20 lakhs and to avail and get the winning amount just call on the Number : “00923017103383″ and talk to suresh pandey.

I was surprised the way he was responding to my answers, but when i made the screw tight then i felt the sweat from his mind and cut the phone line. so, the message to all you guys is to have proper investigation of the person, who claim just type of incident. Fake callers, emails, message are every where, don’t get trapped other wise it will make you weep and nothing else.

No company, make  a winning amount until or unless you make a ticket of it, or you have proof of participation in the lottery programme or any other winning amount.

so, If you have got just type of call, just lodge an FIR , we will take action on your part and make you aware of the real fact.

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ha pensato che potresti essere interessato a 1 x Knick’n’clean – Protezione dai batteri e dai germi nel frigo di Biosa Italy.



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spam COLLECTION SENT VIA EMAILDear fund beneficiary,


Based on series of petitions we received from various organizations such as Cooperate Bodies and Non Governmental Organization (NGO) on the Inability of some Government officials, Commercial banks and World Lottery Organization to settle their clients Contract debt, Inheritance and Winning Prizes. We have been authorized by the Debt Reconciliation Unit of this institution, to
investigate the unnecessary delay on payment approved in your favor. During the course of our investigation, we discovered with dismay that your payment has been unnecessarily delayed by corrupt officials of the Bank who are trying to divert your funds into their personal accounts. Continue reading “Dr Thomas White, U.N Ambassador And Plenipotentiary Permanent Representative in Republic of Benin” »

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 This messenge is from to al Employers registered with are currently undergoing maintenance exercise to improve our quality service and reduce the rate of spam in our job portal.
Please confirm and upgrade your employers account . click the link below

Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of your Naukri employer account. Continue reading “ : Fake Message from” »

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Reader’s Digest India

You are a potential finalist with a chance to win Rs. 17,00,000.00 cash in the third and last stage of Rupees One Crore Sweepstakes 2014.

Dear ,

An Official Invitation has been issued in your name. It confirms that you are amongst those selected from the whole of India, who may activate an exclusive Sweepstakes entry opportunity. If you are drawn winner of our Grand Prize, you’d have sole claim to a cash amount worth Rs. 17,00,000.00.

You may be surprised to know that in all of India, less than 1% of the households have been selected to receive a fabulousoffer from Reader’s Digest. While many of your neighbours will never be selected, you have already been fortunate enough to clear two of the three stages there are to becoming a winner in our Rupees One Crore Sweepstakes 2014!

Now it’s all up to you to make the most of your opportunity. Simply click here to access the private web site to activate your Sweepstakes entry opportunity.

You’ll be pleased you did.


Ravi G.L.
Director Sweepstakes
Reader’s Digest

P.S. When people receive a Sweepstakes invitation — like the one you now have — they often decide to discard it, thinking, no one ever really wins. And it is a fact that if you choose to ignore the chance to enter the Rupees One Crore Sweepstakes 2014, you will never win anything in the Draw. Don’t let this guaranteed opportunity slip away, just clickhere to access the site and you could win Rs. 17,00,000.00. Act quickly!

* Reader’s Digest will send you emails from time to time, to inform you about our latest activities and promotions, because we value you as our customers. However, you may discontinue this at any time – just send an email to [email protected]with the subject header <Unsubscribe> and we will remove you from our emailing list promptly.
Important Note & Disclaimer : Subject contest scheme is wholly/completely managed and sponsored by Reader’s Digest Books & Home Entertainment (I) Private Limited and its magazine licencee, Living Media India LTD. and the publisher of this advertisement/scheme/e-mailer and its digital agency are in no way responsible for the same in any manner whatsoever. All communication and queries claims regarding the subject contest and scheme may please be directed to Reader’s Digest, A-61, Sector 57, Noida — 201301 India with no recourse and liability to the publisher of this advertisement/scheme/e-mailer and its digital agency

Sweepstakes Rules | Privacy

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Dear ER,

Do you have Money, Job or Love Problem? Try this once.

Register Now & Find Solution to All your Problems

The end of worries and true happiness, because YOU deserve it so much !

We wish You happy life 🙂


from:  Pallavi <[email protected]>
reply-to:  Pallavi <[email protected]>
date:  Wed, May 7, 2014 at 8:42 AM
subject:  Hi – Do You Have Money Problem? Please Check this !.
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spam COLLECTION SENT VIA EMAILSurabhi | Recruitment Consultant.

[email protected]

Hello ER,

We are recruiting on behalf of infosys and we have some urgent requirements for which your profile is suitable.

You must submit your resume through our recruitment portal. We do not accept CV through Email. Once we receive your resume, you will hear from us soon.

Click here to Apply for Infosys.

Make sure you submit your resume completely. Continue reading “Ref #105677 – Urgently Require Your Resume For Infosys” »

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our 2014 email philanthropically winning promotion.

IPL Lottery in IndiaPepsiCo Group of Companies

Ireland.123, Wagon palace Rd

Postcode: SW1W 9SL UK.

Tel: +448719747967

EMAIL: [email protected]

Dear Lucky Winner!

We are pleased to inform you that your email address has been awarded the sum of One Hundred Thousand Dollars which is equivalent to (Rs 6,034,500.00) Sixty Lakhs Thirty Four Thousand Five Hundred Indian Rupees by Pepsi IPL Award Lottery United Kingdom. We have randomly selected 5 email addresses through a computer ballot system to receive an award of One Hundred Thousand Dollars (100,000.00 US Dollars) each as a part of our 2014 email philanthropically winning promotion.

The 2014 Online Award was conducted from an exclusive list of over 105,000,000 e-mail addresses of individuals and cooperate bodies picked by an advanced automated random computer search machine. After the automated computer ballot system, your e-mail address emerged as one of the five lucky winners in the category ‘A’ with the following: Batch Number: Ccuk004412012 and Winning Number: Ccuk04567 which we would want you to re-confirm below as you reverse this email with the below claims information.


A.    Full Name:

B.    Full Address:

C.    Marital Status:

D.    Occupation:

E.    Date of Birth:

F.    Email Id:

G.    Mobile No:

H.    Sex:


I.    Batch No:

Ii.   Winning No:

Above all, we urge you to send all the necessary details via: [email protected] to enable us expedites action towards the delivery/transfer of your entitled fund.

Yours Sincerely


Online Promo Manager

Mr. E. Julius.

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