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You are a potential finalist with a chance to win Rs. 17,00,000.00 cash in the third and last stage of Rupees One Crore Sweepstakes 2014.

Dear ,

An Official Invitation has been issued in your name. It confirms that you are amongst those selected from the whole of India, who may activate an exclusive Sweepstakes entry opportunity. If you are drawn winner of our Grand Prize, you’d have sole claim to a cash amount worth Rs. 17,00,000.00.

You may be surprised to know that in all of India, less than 1% of the households have been selected to receive a fabulousoffer from Reader’s Digest. While many of your neighbours will never be selected, you have already been fortunate enough to clear two of the three stages there are to becoming a winner in our Rupees One Crore Sweepstakes 2014!

Now it’s all up to you to make the most of your opportunity. Simply click here to access the private web site to activate your Sweepstakes entry opportunity.

You’ll be pleased you did.


Ravi G.L.
Director Sweepstakes
Reader’s Digest

P.S. When people receive a Sweepstakes invitation — like the one you now have — they often decide to discard it, thinking, no one ever really wins. And it is a fact that if you choose to ignore the chance to enter the Rupees One Crore Sweepstakes 2014, you will never win anything in the Draw. Don’t let this guaranteed opportunity slip away, just clickhere to access the site and you could win Rs. 17,00,000.00. Act quickly!

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Important Note & Disclaimer : Subject contest scheme is wholly/completely managed and sponsored by Reader’s Digest Books & Home Entertainment (I) Private Limited and its magazine licencee, Living Media India LTD. and the publisher of this advertisement/scheme/e-mailer and its digital agency are in no way responsible for the same in any manner whatsoever. All communication and queries claims regarding the subject contest and scheme may please be directed to Reader’s Digest, A-61, Sector 57, Noida — 201301 India with no recourse and liability to the publisher of this advertisement/scheme/e-mailer and its digital agency

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Sender’s Details :

from:  Reader Digest <[email protected]>
reply-to:  Reader Digest <[email protected]>
date:  Wed, May 7, 2014 at 12:45 PM
subject:  Verification Code Issued 

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