A stashed sum of $7.5M USD { Seven Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars Only } in safe keeping in Dubai

datePosted on 10:56, September 23rd, 2018 by email fraud Information

email fraud informationAtt: Dear,
Foremost, i am a 46 year old Zimbabwean and worked for years as Special Adviser to President Robert Mugabe who was forcefully removed from power which i believe you know the whole story as it was over all the international news report, However, i am privy to a stashed sum of $7.5M USD { Seven Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars Only } in safe keeping in Dubai, the middle east, as the money was moved by myself in last year September for the purpose of purchase of few Emirates Hills Golf Course villas in Dubai for the President personal use, which arrangements were almost concluded before the sudden health crises of the President that paved way for the military to grab power in a concocted coup d’etat that ousted the President from power.With the current government internal probe on the ousted President Mugabe’s fortunes that are on records, few that have no traces have therefore fallen into hands of people who were used to move those funds and therefore are no more realizable now by Mugabe as he cannot lay claims on them anymore, i am down with Diabetics and as such cannot move or be proactive in any business, my son Trakudzwa Kasukuwere is facing deportation treats in the Uk and thats why i have decided to contact you for help to handle this transaction.So rather than allow this money in Dubai to just go into the pockets of the Fiduciary agent and banks we used to move the funds into Dubai, i will rather have someone appointed as legal heirs to that money whereas you can use 30% of that money for yourself and 70% for myself at the end of the transfer of the funds to your custody.
(1). To assist me look for a profitable business opportunity in your country where I can invest to sustain my living until my family comes over for resettlement .
(2) I am also ready to associate with a local partner in your country provided your Government will grant me a Residence Permit after the funds hits your nominated Bank account.
(3). To assist me purchase a living home in your country,

Finally, i demand your urgent response, if you are Willing, Truthful and Able to adhere to my desire.

Saviour Kasukuwere (JP)
Private Email:
[email protected]m

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