our company at the rate of $4500 USD = INR 317200.00 India Rupees per 1 Litter

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My name is Carney Locker
I am the secretary to the director of my company.
I’m looking for a trustworthy individual/company who has the potentials to handle the supply of our product, Medical raw material from India known as RAW TRUFFLES NATIVE CHEMICAL OIL). The Raw Material is for Research and Development of it Anti HIV Therapy, Hypertension, Parkinson Disease, Restless Legs Syndrome, Stroke, Type-2 Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Cancer.

Our company previously purchases from a Sri Lanka suppliers but the product can also be found in India where Sri Lanka supplier imports from. Recently I confidentially got the contact of the local dealer in India and I came to know that this product can be purchased at the rate of $1650USD =1,16300.00 India Rupees per a Litter from India and supply to our company at the rate of $4500 USD = INR 317200.00 India Rupees per 1 Litter and my company normally orders 350 to 700 litter’s in single order and I have called the producer many times but could not understand her local language and she too does not understand English and I don’t want to release the contact to my director hence I have interest in the business.

Subsequently I’m calling on you for partnership as a mediator to contact the local dealer on your local dialect to negotiate the terms of supply and payments and you are to play a full role of a middle man for our both Interest. I do not want the new procurement manager to establish direct communication with the local dealer in India, because I do not want him to find out the actual price of the product. The management of my Company is NOT aware of the actual price,
I will provide to you the contact details of the local dealer in India after we reach an agreement to work together.

My request to you, is can you invest with me on 50% /50% basis by purchasing a sample from the local dealer in India which I will provide you the contact, then My Company will pay 40% advance after verifying the sample of 1 or 2 litters of the product to complete the balance 60% on delivery of total bulk order to my company.
Please remember that I don’t want my Company to have Knowledge of this transaction because I’m still an employee and I will lose my job if real cost gets to be known to my company. This is the reason am approaching you for partnership as I have no intention of losing this great opportunity.
Am Looking-forward to your response.
Best Regard.
Carney Locker 

from: Carney William Locker [email protected]
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date: 22 Aug 2018, 18:15
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