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email fraud informationDulles International Airport Washington DC,
Airport code: ORD 10000
Washington D USA,



In view of your inability to receive your consignment box with registration #: CT8100AF, from United Nation (UN) E PROMO AWARD, which took place in Cotonou Benin Republic. The program which was initiated originally scheduled to be delivered to you by an agency, city express delivery (C.E.D). Continue reading “$8,316,000 USD Eight million three hundred and sixteen thousand dollars arrived at Dulles International Airport Washington” »

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Rev Paul Morgan U.N inspector unit
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Newark liberty international airport.
Attn. My Dear Good Friend 
My name is Rev. Paul Ray Morgan Director of Inspector Unit on United Nations Inspection duty link to John F. Kennedy international airport i am using this opportunity to bring this good news to you this month of the year 2018 for the betterment of our family’s, through the glory of God who we serve.

Continue reading “Approximately $8million in 220k.g in total Newark liberty international airport” »

email fraud informationAtt: Dear,
Foremost, i am a 46 year old Zimbabwean and worked for years as Special Adviser to President Robert Mugabe who was forcefully removed from power which i believe you know the whole story as it was over all the international news report, However, i am privy to a stashed sum of $7.5M USD { Seven Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars Only } in safe keeping in Dubai, the middle east, as the money was moved by myself in last year September for the purpose of purchase of few Emirates Hills Golf Course villas in Dubai for the President personal use, which arrangements were almost concluded before the sudden health crises of the President that paved way for the military to grab power in a concocted coup d’etat that ousted the President from power. Continue reading “A stashed sum of $7.5M USD { Seven Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars Only } in safe keeping in Dubai” »