$8,316,000 USD Eight million three hundred and sixteen thousand dollars arrived at Dulles International Airport Washington

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email fraud informationDulles International Airport Washington DC,
Airport code: ORD 10000
Washington D USA,



In view of your inability to receive your consignment box with registration #: CT8100AF, from United Nation (UN) E PROMO AWARD, which took place in Cotonou Benin Republic. The program which was initiated originally scheduled to be delivered to you by an agency, city express delivery (C.E.D).
This package in a golden metal box valued ($8,316,000 USD) (Eight million three hundred and sixteen thousand dollars) arrived at Dulles International Airport Washington D, terminal 5 via British airways flight no.BA297 from Heathrow airport London, for about two (2) week ago. The package with registration no, #: CT8100AF was inspected by the United State custom inspection department Dulles Airport, and it was clear that the documents of consignment box are 100% legitimate.

However city express delivery (C.E.D) failed to complete delivery, and for that reason united nation (UN) Cargo Administrative Unit O’HARE Airport decided for installment of the consignment box, in Storage facility at the
Chicago O’Hare Airport for security of the shipment, until you get in touch with us and reconfirm your details as listed below to ensure delivery is done to the right direction.


1. Your Full Name; …..
2. Your current address; ……….
3. Your phone number; …………..
4. Nearest airport to your location………
5. Your passport id; …………

Therefore, I am writing to inform you that the security update of the consignment box in the Storage facility at the Dulles Airport has elapsed and the consignment box already accumulated storage security bill. We now
advise you to contact Mr. Phillip Green, Storage Clearance Administrative Officer Dulles Airport, Washington DC, he will email you with the storage bill update of your consignment box, and also to advice you with details
of united Nations storage clearance office Extension 21 terminal 5 , in Cotonou Benin Republic. Where the storage bill clearance will take place to enable the UN authorized Diplomat agent complete delivery of the consignment box to your location.

Contact Mr. Phillip Green by Email addresses 🙁 [email protected]) or text him to his direct number Tel: to (858) 256-8924 enable you receive your cash consignment box.

Note that this notice serves as our last recovery notice to you as our department will be compelled to shortlist your shipment as an unclaimed consignment, and maybe forfeited. Note: Delivery of your shipment from the airport to your residential address is free.

Best regards,

Norman Collins

United Nations
Unit Agency.
World Wild.

STORAGE OFFICER Terminal 5 Extension 11

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