send you the total sum of ($6,000,000.00) Mrs.Gift Azuka on her e-mail address ([email protected])

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spam COLLECTION SENT VIA EMAILA compensation on your assistant to me

Hello my friend.

Is me your friend, how are you. well I’m sorry but happy to inform you about my success in getting those contract completed and my funds transferred under the cooperation of a new partner from England though I
tried my best for involving you in the business but God decided on the whole situations… Presently I am in England for investment projects with my own share of the total sum Meanwhile didn’t forget your past efforts and
attempts to assist me in getting the contract up to 45% but to run the completion was no avail in all until i involved the British partner whom stand by me until i finished up….

Now contact my secretary in Nigeria her name is Mrs.Gift Azuka on her
e-mail address ([email protected])

Ask her to send you the total sum of ($6,000,000.00) which I kept for your
compensation and your % for all the past efforts and trying to assist me in the matter
appreciated your efforts in all very much. So feel free and get in touched
with my secretary Mrs. Gift and instruct her where to send the money to you.

Please do let me know immediately you receive it so that we can share the
joy after all the sufferings at that time. In the moment, I’m very busy here
because of the investment projects which I and the new partner are having
at hand, finally,

Remembers that I had forwarded instructions to my secretary on your behalf
to receive that money,She will send the amount to you without any delay. This mailbox is my new
mail addresses do not write me again on the other ones.

Thanks Regards,
Rich man

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