I am Barr. Gordon Powell, an attorney at law. A deceased client of mine that Shares   the same last name with you, died with his  family as a result of a heart-related Condition after auto crash in May 25th 2009.Leaving behind a deposit valued at  Ј19.7 million . His heart condition was due to the death of all the members of his Family in the auto crashed.

I want you to assist in distributing the money left behind by my client before It is confiscated or declared unserviceable by the bank.

The bank has issued me a notice to contact the next of kin. My proposition to You is to seek your consent to present you as the next-of-kin and beneficiary Of my late client. This will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that Will protect you from any breach of the law, and you will share 30% of the Total sum for your assistance.

You are advised to contact me urgently on my private

Also do send the following information for further process
1). Your Full Name
2). Your Address
3). Your Telephone numbers/Mobile
4). Your Age and Occupation/Origin
I will be waiting urgently for your reply.

Best Regards,
Barr. Gordon Powell,
This communication links contained herein, is for the sole use of the intended Recipient and may contain information that is confidential or legally protected.

from: Barr. Gordon Powell <[email protected]>
reply-to: [email protected]
date: Tue, May 3, 2016 at 9:35 PM
subject: Re: Urgent Response!!

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