I am Senator Jewel Howard-Taylor based in Monrovia the capital of Liberia. I am a sole custodian of a treasured fund. This fund investment belongs to I and my husband an Ex-President of Liberia. We decided to look for someone reliable to help us invest this fund. The said fund investment amounts to USD 25.5million. We would oblige any investor who will come up with visible and attainable project.  I vehemently need a partner who can handle my investment desire.  I wish to invest in real estate and properties.
The incessant scam all over has compounded the issue of trust so we do find it hard to trust people who can help us in very sensitive and vital transactions such like this. It will gladden my heart to realize I have stumbled on the right contact. It will interest me further if you would key in with common business interest, goal and objective. This will undoubtedly build a great business partnership between us.

Please take note that 20% of the total sum has been assigned as your own slot. I shall embark on a visit with my Son for the investment once the transaction is concluded. I urge you to keep in touch with me as soon as you get this mail as this will give us a good set off. Meanwhile furnish me with the following information; your full Names, Age, Contact Address/telephone and Occupation.

Above all please be assured that the fund is not in any way related to Terrorist / Drug Funding hence all transfers would be channeled via the normal protocol of funds transfer with all documentation duly observed. I await your prompt and favorable response.

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Best regards,

Senator Mrs. Jewel H-Taylor.

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