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Reserve Bank Of India write to your notice regarding your UNCLAIMS LOTTERY FUNDS Of 500,000.00GPB=4,96.82,563.55 INR, From United Kingdom is still pending with the Reserve bank Of India, DR.Raghuram Rajan from the Reserve bank Of India has requested the bank to complete your transfer to your bank account as possible.
This Email is to inform you about your 500,000,00 GBP will be transfer to your bank account name, as it was committed to (RBI) Governor that the rightful Owner will pay for conversion and transfer fees only, So you are therefore required to pay (Rs 15,500 INR)
Payment File : RBI/ID1033/09 Payment amount of 500,000.00 great British Pounds for the crediting of your account to you as soon as possible you make the payment of your funds will be transfer to your bank account same day, Provide Your Bank Account Details for Transfer.
Fill in your Application form below: 1.Full Name: 2. Mobile Number: 3.Occupation: 4.Age:5.Nationality: 6.Email.7: Account Holders Names: 8. Bank Name: 9.Bank Branch: Account Number: 10.Country:.11.Marital Status: .Sex:
Contact Reserve Bank Of India Email For Details .. ([email protected])
You have to keep all information away from the general public for security reason…… Name of diplomat In charge of your Winning amount Sir Charles Brown (+917838285359).
Dr Ranghuram Rajan
Reserve Bank of India Governor

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from: [email protected]
date: Tue, May 31, 2016 at 12:02 AM
subject: Contact Reserve Bank Of India Email For Details ([email protected])

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