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FedEx package containing $850,000.00 USD to be delivered

datePosted on 19:39, December 30th, 2016 by emailfrauds

We have a FedEx package containing $850,000.00 USD to be delivered to your
home address as a Christmas Presentation. Send Fullname, Home address,

Senders Details :

from: FedEx Package <[email protected]>
reply-to: [email protected]
date: 23 December 2016 at 23:21
subject: FedEx package
encryption: did not encrypt this message

Attn:  Beneficiary.

It is my wish to inform you that your mail was received and noted.
Without delay I would like to give answer to your mail. You have to
bear in mind that your compersation fund has already been programmed
into ”ELECTRONIC ATM VISA CARD” which will be send to you via “FEDEX
EXPRESS DELIVERY SERVICE” so the information you are required to
provide is as follows:

1. Your full name is required
2. Your direct contact Tel for formal communication:
3. Your complete home address where the pacel will be delivered:

We look forward to your total cooperation.

Best regards,


Sender’s Details :

from: MARK <[email protected]> via 
reply-to: MARK <[email protected]>
date: 19 November 2016 at 20:10
subject: Attn: Beneficiary.
Signed by:

spam COLLECTION SENT VIA EMAILFedEx Express Delivery Service , Asia India
Address: #7, Mohan Singh Palace, Baba Kharak SIng Marg,
Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001
Shipment Code: CPEL/OWN/9370
Parcel No: EG2272-IN

Good Day,

We have been waiting for you to contact us. We have a package containing an International Cashier Bank Draft/Cheque worth the sum of Eight Hundred and Fifty Thousand United States Dollar ($800,000.00 USD) which will be deliver to you at the moment as long as you provide all the requirement information to the FedEx package company before the parcel can be shipped to your own residential address in your country. Further more, you might be asking yourself how come this email, cheque or draft, Anyway, your cheque was brought to our office by the Abu Dhabi Charity Foundation via a Lottery Fiduciary Claim Agent, signifying that you are a rightful winner to their Lottery Award Promo selected randomly. Continue reading “You have Insured your winning package which value the sum of Eight Hundred and Fifty Thousand United States Dollar ($800,000.00 USD)” »