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I am Mr.Fredrick Collins,The Director of Operations Central Bank Of Nigeria (CBN). I decided to contact you because of the prevailing security report reaching my office and the intense nature of polity in Nigeria.

This is to inform you about our plan to send your fund to you via cash delivery, this system will be easier for you and for us. We are going to send your Inheritance part payment of US$10 Million to you via diplomatic courier service. I have every needed document to cover the money Continue reading “Payment of US$10 Million to you via diplomatic courier service Central Bank Of Nigeria (CBN)” »

Alice Louise Walton [email protected]

datePosted on 16:16, June 1st, 2017 by email fraud Information

email spamI, Alice Louise Walton authenticate this email, you can read about me on:

I write to you because I intend to give to you a portion of my Net-worth which I have
been banking. I want to cede it out as gift
hoping it would be of help to you and others too. Respond for confirmation.(Email: [email protected])

With love,
Alice Louise Walton
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from: Alice Louise Walton <[email protected]>
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