Your Samsung Galaxy USA Prize Payment Process Information

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Dear Samsung Mobile Award Winner,

email spam

My Name is Dr. John Perry, I am the payment managing director of Samsung GALAXY USA Mobile Award. Thank you for accepting this SAMSUNG GALAXY prize offer. We know this message maybe a surprise to you but do kindly accept our prize offer as a kind gesture from our ongoing good will SAMSUNG GALAXY project 2020.

The SAMSUNG GALAXY USA GLOBAL MOBILE AWARD foundation is an independent promo Organization that has been financially assisting people with its intention to change people’s life since 1993, many people have benefited from it over the years. This year we collected all the Mobile Numbers of our customers who enjoy e-business patronage with us. However, no tickets were sold but all mobile numbers were attached to different ticket numbers for representation and privacy. Three people are selected every year to benefit from this program and you are one of the Selected Winner. this is how you won the winning prize, it was your mobile no that won this prize for you without you applying for it. 

The results were released on the 20th of March, 2017 and your Mobile Number was attached to Ticket Number: 231/101/468 and Winning PIN Number:QXT2 with Reference Number: 48370BN/2290DL><SAM/4BNL-KM002. Your mobile number won the sum of $USD500,000.00 dollars which is equivalent amount of Rs3.5,00,00,000/- Indian Rupees.


On Behalf of the Screening Committee of SAMSUNG GALAXY United States Centre, I wish to formally inform you that you have successfully passed the Mobile Screening and Verification Matching Test conducted for all winners in accordance with the SAMSUNG GALAXY Winning Terms and Conditions.  Please bear in mind that Bank of America Asia Headquarter in India has been mandated with the processing and transfer of the winning prize amount of $USD500,000.00 dollars which is equivalent amount of Rs3.5,00,00,000/- Indian Rupees to your designated bank account, do your best to co-operate with the bank whenever you are contacted. Bank of America Banking Office in India District: New Delhi State: Delhi Micr Code: 110032001 IFSC Code: BOFA0ND6216 E-mail: [email protected] Web Site: ; Transfer Manager in Charge: Mrs. Smita Chaudhary Samsung Board of Directors and American Embassy in India has appointed Senior USA Diplomat Mr. Larry Edward to represent you and assist to monitor the transfer transaction on your behalf since the Bank of America have made us know that they do not deal with individuals, only commercial banks, corporate companies, and Diplomats. Diplomat Mr. Larry Edward will depart USA by America Airline flight on Wednesday 5th April, 2017 and He will arrive Indira Gandhi International Airport New Delhi India on Thursday 6th April, 2017 at 07:00 am. For easy transfer processing, You are advised to fill your details below and send it immediately to Diplomat Mr. Larry Edward: {1.} Your Full Name: {2.} Your Contact/Winning Mobile number: {3.} Your Alternate Number: {4.} Your Home Address: {5} Sex: {6.} Age: {7.} Occupation: {8.} Marital Status: {9.} Your Bank Name: {10.} Your Account Name: {11.} Your Account Number: {12} Your Bank Branch: {13.} Your Ticket Number: 231/101/468 {14.} Your Winning PIN Number: QXT2 {15.} Your Reference Number: 48370BN/2290DL><SAM/4BNL-KM002

Fill your details now and Send it to Diplomat Larry Edward email id: [email protected]

Diplomat Mr. Larry Edward will first go the Bank of America India Banking Office in New Delhi to submit your provided details along with your winning documents for clearance and transfer of your winning prize to you before coming to your home to deliver your gifts (1 SAMSUNG GALAXY S7 EDGE MOBILE & 1 SAMSUNG NOTEBOOK LAPTOP) and your hard copy winningdocuments to you. A copy of Diplomat Mr. Larry Edward Passport ID proof and your Payment Authorization Certificate from Samsung Board of Directors with your Samsung Company USA Payment Approval Document is attached to this mail. Kindly download to view. Do co-operate with Diplomat Larry Edward so he can give you every assistance you need.

You are advised to keep all information away from the general public especially your winning pin and ticket number until the process of transferring your funds has been completed into your personal bank account. This is part of our security protocol for security reasons and safety of your funds

On behalf of all staff and the Samsung Electronics Promotion Board, we congratulate you and your family members for being part of our winners selected in this year Samsung USA Mobile Award Program.

I am trusting you to make good use of this money. Thank you for accepting this offer, I am indeed grateful.

Yours Faithfully,

Dr. John Perry.

Payment Director, Samsung GALAXY Mobile Award.

Castro Street, Suite 120-219 Mountain View, California, 94041 USA.

USA Telephone No: +1 650 409 8774

“Samsung Electronics (USA) Ltd”

From: Malik Muzi <[email protected]>
Sent: Monday, April 3, 2017 8:20 AM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Name. Muzafer ahmad maik

Address. Tangmarg tumberhama
Bank account no. S/B 0139040100015687

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