spam COLLECTION SENT VIA EMAILI am Gu Kailai the wife of Bo Xilai, one of China’s most influential politicians until he was stripped of his offices in 2012.

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I have decided to give out Donations to Charity, as the Government will not Stop until they have completely destroyed my Family. I do not intend to involve any member of my Family, as I will not want the money traced to them. This is why I have decided to contact a complete stranger who believes in Charity, to assist me give out the money to help the less privilege. I have decided to do this because if the Deposit is not cleared within the next 3-4 Months it will be Declared Unclaimed, and it will be returned to the Coffers of the Government. Will it not be better to have the Funds given to Charity than have it Claimed by the Government?

If You will want to be part of this Charity Work, I will need You to follow up with all I will state on this email. Firstly, I have very limited access to the Internet, so I will want to be very straight and detailed about what is required of You. The Money in question is an amount I deposited with a Chinese but a Bank in United Kingdom, as at the time of deposit it was deposit as a profit made out of Crude Oil from me and my Business Partner . This Amount deposited is a total of £11.4 Million Pound. In my present state all of this is not of value anymore, I will rather prefer to have the Money used for Charity work than have it claimed by the Chinese Government.

Secondly, the True content of this Money is known by the two of us now. As I personally made the Deposit during one of my Trips to United Kingdom, I had the Intention of having the Money Invested in Real Estate in the United Kingdom before we had problems with the Government. This was a means by which I transferred funds out of China without a trace, and I can assure You that if You do not Claim this money it will be declared as Unclaimed and have it returned to the Chinese Government. This is what I am trying to avoid, and why I need You to Claim the Money instead.

I know You will be wondering how You can claim the Money, this is actually not an issue because when i was opening the account i made the bank to understand that the Next of Kin to the account is my business partner as all you need to do is to act/apply as the Next of Kin (Business Partner) to the Account. This is all You need to Lay Claim to the Money, You do not even need to Travel to the Office to Claim the Money as this might not be too safe for You. As a Beneficiary of the Money (by providing your name to the Bank) You will Order for the money to be transfer into your Private Bank Account in Your country, this is the normal practice and mode of Operation of the Bank. So it is completely safe and risk free, and the Money will be Transfer as a Claim from the Next of Kin.

This is what I would have done myself, if not for the problem myself and Family are now into. With my present situation I will only be able to give You the Name and Contacts of the Account Manager of the Bank that is in Charge in United Kingdom, when You Open Communication with the Account Manager as the Next of Kin by Stating your name and regarding yourself as my business partner You shall be inform by the Manager on how the transfer will be made.

I do hope You understand my Intentions, and why I decided to contact a complete stranger like You for this project. I believe after reading my above link, You will find a place in your heart to try to help with this last wish of mine.

If you intend to help me carryout this humanitarian project please send your reply to my personal email via [email protected] God bless you

Mrs. Gu Kailai

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