spam COLLECTION SENT VIA EMAILBusiness cooperation !!!

Good day,
I am the CEO of one of the international banks here in my country.

Although I know it’s very difficult to trust or not trust people online, but I have developed my confidence in you before you decide to share this confidential business proposal.

Four years ago, most African politicians used our bank to launder funds for abroad with the help of his political advisers and I know what’s going on, because these days some of the funds where the stock of politicians.

I was able to redirect ($ 15.2 million US dollars) to an escrow account belonging to an unknown person. So, I want to act as depositor funds, because the bank does not know the owner of the fund and the claim is legally as I do all the good arrangement for the transfer of funds to a foreign account only if you are ready and willing to work with me.

I’ll tell you the details and procedures of how the transfer will be made immediately to your e-mail ([email protected])

Thank you for the honor of this call. Expecting your mail
With respect,
Mr. Sheikh Bin Ibrahim.

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