My Name is Greta Lugman From Philippines, the wife of Late Mr Gomes
Theophilos Lugman, One of The f/inancial advisers to Late P/resident
M/uammar G/addafi of Libya, I am currently writing from Libya, I will like
you to help me claim and help me I/nvest 22.5 M U.S.D d/eposit in an
off/shore, which I can not do due to the war here and also i am suffering
from bone marrow cancer, please could you write me at my p/rivate e/mail (
[email protected] ) so that i can tell you more about it and give you
d/ocuments p/roofs for it, thank you for your understanding and hope to
hear from you soon. I am ready to give you 40.% of the total m/oney.

Greta Lugman.

Note: Please REPLY ME At [email protected]

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from:Mrs Greta Lugman <[email protected]>reply-to:[email protected]
to:date:Fri, Mar 25, 2016 at 1:19 AMsubject:Re: Please Help Me Claim And Invest $22.5M USDencryption:Standard (TLS) Learn more

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