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please make sure you reply me through this email:{ [email protected] ] if want me to see your reply it is very inportant

Please I want you to exercise some patience reading through this mail enable you have good understanding, meanwhile I will appreciate you to ignore and delete this mail from your mail box if you are not interested beeing my partner for the investment project in your country, meanwhile I got your email contact from Google from people chamber of commerce while I was searching for a reliable and honest person that will partner with me for the investment project to whose ever it may concern country

My names are Aisha Gaddafi, 37, years the only biological daughter of late Libya president Gaddafi, I want to use this opportunity to inform you that I need a very honest and reliable person that can help me look for a profitable business/ company to invest into there in your country then you let me know while and provide account where I can transfer the sum of$67.500.000.00 us d for the investment in your country

Note you will have 30% of the total funds after the transfer of the funds to your account while I will further the process of the investment with remaining balance
Please I will like to hear from you about the nature of the business to invest the money with and your experience, even if you are not interested in the business if you can assure me that my funds will be save once it is transferred into your account then you will still have the 30% of the total funds the sum $67.500.000.00 dollars

About me and the reason why I am now in Burkina Faso as you can read more in the linked below
Please inter the link to read and know more about me and the reason why I contacted you

I have an arrest warrant against my name after fleeing Libya when my father was deposed and then killed two years ago after 42 years in power.
The western educated lawyer arrived in Algeria with other family members after my husband — an army general — was killed in the bombing raids which destroyed Gaddafi’s regime, leaving me as a single mother.

I was accorded a presidential residence in the south of the country.
Algeria’s ambassador to Libya confirmed last that Col Gaddafi’s widow and three of his children including Aisha, had left Algeria “a long time ago” without giving further details.
It has now emerged that Algerian authorities lost patience with me a onetime UN Goodwill Ambassador, after i kept vandalizing furniture and attacking guards out of rage over my father’s fate.

i ended up blaming Algeria for many of my problems, and also began as a result of this they accused me of starting fires in the house,” said a government source in Algiers.
“Shelves in the library went up in flames, as i regularly attacked army personnel looking after my safety.” The last straw was when the bleach blonde nicknamed the “Claudia Schiffer of North Africa” destroyed a portrait of Algerian president Abdul Aziz Bouteflika, local newspaper Ennahar reported.
For this sign they claim as disrespect i was kicked out of the country, eventually finding asylum in Britain’s Gulf ally,

Then i Aisha, Gaddafi’s widow, Sofia, and Mohammad and Hannibal, as well as their children, have all been living there since October 2012.
We have been granted sanctuary on “humanitarian grounds” and our expenses are reportedly covered entirely by the Omani government.

The Gulf state has apparently turned a blind eye to the controversial pasts of family members wanted back home for squandering the wealth and privilege we enjoyed during the reign of my late father Colonel Gaddafi, who was deposed and killed in 2011
This is why I travel down to this country Burkina Faso where I deposited the $67.500.000.00 us dollars looking for a trust worthy and honest person that have a very good experience in any good business where I can invest the funds that will turns good profit enable me to carry on with my life with my 3 kids I will be waiting to hear from you with good positive respond urgently concerning this issue enable us to proceed further without any delay it is not good to continue suffering with my kids as a widow

please make sure you reply me through this email:{ [email protected] ] if want me to see your reply it is very inportant

Yours faithfully

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from: “Aisha gaddafi” <[email protected]>
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date: Fri, Sep 18, 2015 at 6:50 AM

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