email spam of March 2015 emailfrauds.inChevrolet UK Ltd., Griffin House,
UK1-101-135, Osborne Road, Luton,
Bedfordshire LU1 3YT, UK.
Tel: +447466 634392

Amount Won: (RS,3,35,00,000.00/INR)


Dear Sumit Chatterjee,

We Congratulate you once more for being a lucky winner on Chevrolet Motors Promotion held in 11th of January 2015, London in the United Kingdom. Having considered all possible measures to convey your cash prize, we resolve to use a special delivery Courier Company under Diplomatic Umbrella. We have made all necessary arrangement to convey your winning prize direct to your doorstep. Your name, phone number and address have been Received by Our Company.

Let it be known to you that all taxes has been paid by Chevrolet Motors Company in UK, Therefore, you will only be required to pay for the Clearing Charges which is Rs 18,500 INR into the account which will be sent to you by the Customs Officer for the Clearing of your Winning Parcel from the India Custom Duties before they will allow the Courier Agent to leave the Airport to your Home Address which you have provided and if you have not provided the required Home Address, Kindly do so immediately.

The diplomat will personally present to you all the relevant documents to guide you against any India government queries. You are advice to make the required Charges available to the Custom in India immediately they instructs you to do so before you receive your Parcel of Winning Demand Draft From the Chevrolet Company to enable him clear your prize from the Custom in your Country India. Please you must keep secret of your winning Details until it arrive your doorstep for security reasons to avoid double claims and security of our delivery diplomat.

The delivery of your prize is currently on the way as it is passing through the British Security Screening. We realize recently that such procedures have been adopted on your consignment/Parcel leaving UK for Asia or any other part of the World. The consignment is :

An original winning certificate of weight :……………..0.04kg
Bonded draft of weight :……………………………..0.11kg
Total weight of parcel :………………………………..0.15kg
Colour of Parcel :…………………………………………..Brown
Length of days :……………………………………………..3 Days

Due to the urgency needed in this delivery we are informing you that Mr John Harry, Special Chief Diplomat will be leaving UK for INDIA to make delivery of your award prize through British Airways on.

Departure time March 9th 2015 4:50:00 pm
Arrival time March 10th 2015 9:30:00 am

please ensure that you co-operate with the Agent and the Custom Department in your Country to avoid any delay in handing over your award prize to you as he has 2 time to spend in INDIA.

Send us your Current Mobile Number and Home Address if you have not provided this correctly to us here for Our Agent to have a duplicate of it to enable him Deliver to you. Also Be informed that your prizes is protected by a HARD COVER INSURANCE POLICY(HCIP), which makes it impossible to deduct any amount from your funds before remitting it to you.

This is in accordance with section 13(1)(n) of the British National Gambling act as adopted in 1993 and amended on 3rd July 1996 by the constitutional assembly. Due to this fact, you are expected to make the Custom payment yourself as soon as your Parcel arrive your Country India.

You are to keep us updated with your readiness in receiving the special Diplomat/Agent along with your Award Cash Prize. I shall call you to check your email and keep this confidential as this is real and may be your last time opportunity. We await your reply to this mail. I hope you receive my sms in you mobile regarding the coming of the delivering agent mr. john harry so you can call me if you have any question and keep all documents safe until you receive your Demand Draft from the Chevrolet Motors Company Award in your door step. If you have not sent your phone number please kindly do the following:

1. Name
2. Phone Number
3. Home Address

Chevrolet Motors Event Manager, London United Kingdom.
Mr. Smith
Tel: +447466634392

This message was sent to the sender’s mail and notified to this Blog :

from: sumit chatterjee <[email protected]>
to: [email protected]
date: Tue, Mar 10, 2015 at 12:08 AM
subject: how much believe this mail

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8 thoughts on “A lucky winner on Chevrolet Motors Promotion”

    We wish to congratulate you once again on this note, for being one of the lucky winners selected on this year CHEVROLET MOTORS PROMOTION 2016. We felicitate with you and your family and especially for being a citizen of (INDIA). This promotion was set-up In United Kingdom CHEVROLET CAR COMPANY to encourage prospective tell-mobile users.

    Congratulations on behalf of the ‘CHEVROLET MOTORS PROMOTION UNITED KINGDOM’ Our Screening Committee and National Advisory Board has completed all verification and screening by the Screening Committee of “UK’s Overseas National Advisory Remittance Claims Unit. You have been approved to received your Demand draft and Chevrolet Captive car by a special delivery agent arrival been approved by the regulation council of the Chevrolet Company Promotion 2016. Your cash prize of Three Crore Thirty Five Lakhs Rupees (RS3,35,00,000.00 INR) will be delivered safely to your door step through our Accredited FedEx Dispatch Officer. Having considered all possible measures to convey your cash prize, we resolve to use a special affiliated courier company under Diplomatic Umbrella. We have made all necessary arrangement to convey your winning prize direct to your door step. Your name, phone number and address has been Received.

    Let it be known to you that all taxes has been paid by ENGLAND CHEVROLET MOTORS UNITED KINGDOM, Therefore, you will only be required to pay, Custom Notarization Clearance Fee RS 24,100 INR to India custom duty fee in clearing of your consignment from the custom duties in your country INDIA. Our DELIVERY Officer, MR. ADAMS BRADFORD from the FEDEX COURIER SERVICES will be Arriving in India on the 23rd of MAY 2016 and you are to provide him a copy of your ID prove (ID CARD,PASSPORT, VOTERS CARD PAN CARD OR ANY VALID ID PROOF) to enable him identify you before he will Hand over your parcel to you. Below is his flight information. B.A flight information has already been sent to our dispatch officer and you have to contact his email so that he can furnish you with time of arrival in your country.


    Flight number VS 300

    Departure date 22nd of MAY 2016

    Route London (LHR) to Delhi (DEL)

    Scheduled departure time 22nd of MAY 2016 20:00

    Scheduled arrival time 23rd of MAY 2016 09:20

    DEL – Delhi – Indira Gandhi International Airport

    LHR – London – London Heathrow Airport.

    Departure terminal: London – London Heathrow Airport – Zone A, Terminal 3

    Arrival terminal: Delhi- Indira Gandhi International Airport – International Departures, Terminal 3


    Our Delivery Agent will arrive at New Delhi International Airport because the Government and the Higher Authority of your country has said that New Delhi is the Capital City of India and the Cheque has to be registered and endorsed by this governing body (MINISTRY OF FINANCE GOVERNMENT OF INDIA) only because it is an International Cheque. India has been access a terrorist country and Award prize has to be registered so that you will not be having problem or quarries with Anti Terrorist Agency after the your prize has been transferred to your account. All these protocol must take place in the Capital City which is New Delhi. So, that is the reason he is to arrive New Delhi before proceeding to your home Address for delivery.

    Your Parcel contains all of the following items.
    1) A DEMAND DRAFT OF RS3,35,00,000.00/INR

    Please be aware that your CHEVROLET CAPTIVE CAR has already be shipped to your country with your ADDRESS provided to us and will arrive India two weeks after you have received your authorized draft been cleared in your country INDIA. Our delivery officer will instruct you immediately he arrived India By British A

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