email spam february wiseDid you receive my message yesterday? pls reply to my private email: [email protected]

Dear God’s elect,

I am Beatrice Solin, widow to late. Mr. Dave Solin from Libya who was killed during the Libya civil war. I and my only child are presently living in Benin Republic at the moment as refugees. we ran to Benin republic, as a result of the civil war going on in Libya, I have a sum of USUSD$8.2 Million deposited in an offshore financial house and i plead for your help to transfer this money from the present financial house to another bank of your choice in your name for investment in your country, it is the only thing left for me and my child now and I want to start a new life with it. Please this transaction requires immediate attention because of the political situation in our country (Libya) and i do not want to lose this money to the rebels or government. My late husband was a politician and the managing director of a Gold & Mine Ind in Libya before rebels attacked our house and killed him in cold blood.

I had a very bad experience with one Mr. Ahmad Murad who I first contacted to assist me receive $1.2m that my husband’s customers paid into his bank account here so I can buy a house and prepare my international passport and for my child. since Rebels attacked our house in Libya and took away all our personal documents so we left Libya with no personal documents. But Mr. Ahmad Murad disappointed me as he switched off his phones and block all my communications with him immediately he received the $1.2m in his bank account, he is no where to be found till now.

I have no option than contacting you to assist me receive this remaining USUSD$8.2 Million as I cannot receive this money because I don’t have any international passport or identity card with me to present to the bank or even to open a bank account and receive the money. It is because of this, that my husband’s bank account officer working in the bank advised me to look for someone who owns international passport and identity card and present the person to the financial house as my late husband’s business associate so the person can receive the money on my behalf.

Based on my past bad experience with Mr. Ahmad Murad, I have discussed with the financial house director that they will only send ATM MasterCard attached to the sum of USUSD$8.2 Million to anybody I will present as my husband business associate since the person will be able to cash up to $10,000 per day through the ATM machine in his/her country. So my agreement with you this time must be that you will cash some money through ATM MasterCard which you will receive from the bank and you will send me some money from the ATM MasterCard to prepare my international passport with my only child and join you in your country, once I get to your country I will direct the financial house to transfer the total amount into your bank account.

It is a huge sum of money and I am ready to offer you 35% of the money to stand as my husband’s business associate and receive in any bank account of your choice as soon as I meet you.

Important note: Please do not fail to reach me on through my direct personal email address: [email protected] so that my father’s wicked brothers will not have any knowledge of this fund and our plan.

I believe you can help me,but on the contrary please forgive my indulgence and delete this e-mail content without sharing with anyone. As i am writing without any other person(s) pre-knowledge of my contacting you on this transaction deal.

Therefore i will appreciate same attitude to be maintained by you all through and reply to my private email: [email protected] for safety of our communication.

I am waiting to hear from you and May God be with you.

Ms. Beatrice Solin

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