email spam february wiseHello

I got an email from westvalyenergycompany
And it is absolute scam. They will rob our money as a visa fee.
Please save others
DEAR APPLICANT.Your  information  have been Accessed and studied by our Employment Consultancy Relations board, and your Qualifications as meet our requirement,your C/V is founded Interested and suitable for working in our organization.

Find Online  Job Application form to print it out and answer and email back to us as soon as Possible. Kindly read carefully the attached document while you send your answers for the Online Questionnaires for our Kind Perusal and processing of your Job with our Company.*NOTE THAT WE OFFER FREE ACCOMMODATION AND FOOD BUT ALL SELECTED CANDIDATES WILL RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR VISA CHARGES ONLY AND MANAGEMENT SHALL APPLY FOR APPLICANT’S VISA[S] ON THEIR BEHALF BY SENDING ALL DOCUMENT REQUIRED FOR TWO YEARS WORK VISA PROCESSING TO USA EMBASSY IN HIS/HER COUNTRY FOR VISA APPLICATION.



Salary download we be giving in  your appointment letter if you pass  the written  interview and telephone interview also document require, any applicant that can not pay for he /her visa charges total 450 Us.Dollar will  not be consider for the offer.

Interview will be held on phone through or admin manager,so keep your telephone on all the time.

You are to return this form in the next 36 hours, the second round of the screening will be held then, therefore applicant who does not return is/her filled form will automatically be disqualified from our applicant list.

Applicants are to keep all Westvaly Energy Construction Company property (Documents) confidential.

Westvaly Energy Construction Company confirmed, its commitment to a comprehensive policy of equal opportunities in employment in which individuals are selected and treated on the basis of their relevant merits and abilities and are given equal opportunities within Westvaly Energy Construction Company.  The aim of this policy is to ensure that no job applicant should receive less favorable treatment on any grounds not relevant to good employment practice.  Westvaly Energy Construction Company is committed to action to make the policy fully effective.

Westvaly Energy Construction Company is reducing organizational complexity, improving operational consistency and changing individual behaviors. Our key priorities are safety people and performance.

Discover what role you can play in a truly global company.

Mr Denis Powel
Tel: +16308696424
Westvaly Energy Construction Company.
[email protected]

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