email spams collectionHello Dear,

I am Mr. Richard Lawson, a Chartered Portfolio Manager (CPM) My primary duties are investment counseling and Investment Portfolio Management in the FDI sector, these entails managing all sorts of Investment portfolios (such as stocks, bonds, future options etc.) with a power of attorney to operate clients’ accounts for the purpose of buying and selling of shares and other investment instruments that will yield interest to the investment capital without requiring further clients approval for

In carrying out my duties as external investment manager in my company, I handled the account of many of my client’s Direct Capital Funds and I was able to confidentially extract 1.2% from all Investment Returns earned to
the underlying assets over a period of years.

From this expertise deductions, I am able to accumulate a large sum of money from the investor’s EMCRP and privately secured at the moment (value will be informed in due course). I am here by asking you to come and stand as an investor to receive this fund as annual Investment Proceeds from ABN AMRO EQUITIES.

I have nurtured and protected this FUND for the past 2 years and if I am assured of your interest, honesty, and capability, if we both agree on an acceptable memorandum of understanding, I will translate the accumulated
fund to your account through a legitimate international Banking process, known to me.

I have decided to move this Fund at this time and to my eventual partner’s account because final external audit has been conducted without trace of the said deductions.

What I need now is someone, trustworthy to receive the accumulated money for our mutual benefit and in a legitimate manner of a stock investment and I hope you might fit that profile.

Should you be interested in my proposition, please email me with your consent for further discussion while we shall agree on your benefit for your partnership.

This is a racket for the intellectuals, core/real investors and still remains sacred to the public.

Yours faithfully,
Mr. Richard Lawson.

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