email spams collectionDear Friend,

See attachment for the details waiting to hear from you urgently. Kindly reply to my mail with your information only if you are interested in this proposal :[email protected]

Best Regards
Miss.Kavita Mazumdar-Shaw

PLS contact me in this E-Mail: [email protected]

Dear Friend.

I humbly request your consent and co-operation so as I can present you as an heir/next-of-kin of a deceased account value 5,50,8,609. INR (Five Crore fifty Lake eight thousand Six Hundred and Nine India rupees only) PLS contact me in this E-Mail: [email protected]

I am writing this letter in confidence believing that it is the wish of God to meet with you since we have not met before, I got your e-mail address from AOL- Local Yellow Page with regard to your profile, after searching all the job site, Hindu, matrimony and religious site looking for a trust worthy person and I decided to contact you.

I am Miss Kavita Mazumdar-Shaw of Auditing and accounting section staff in Reserve Bank of India, during my investigation and auditing I came across many inactive accounts but there is a particular account that has not been noticed by the previous/past auditors the account has been dormant without any claim of the fund. I write to solicit for support and assistance from you to carry out this deal in my bank that will benefit us. See the link below as directed by RBI which led to my discovery

Lying in one of the many inactive accounts is the sum of 5,50,8,609 INR (Five Crore fifty Lake eight thousand Six Hundred and Nine India rupees only) belonging to a foreign customer (Mr.Chowalert Jitjamnong From THAILAND) who was a gas consultant here in India, he happened to be deceased during a vacation trip with his wife (Mrs .Siriphut Jitjamnong) and the only child (Chawit Jitjamnong) on board One-Two-Go Orient-Thai Airlines flight OG269 Phuket Airport plane crash of Monday, 17th September 2007 from Bangkok to Phuket.
Info of this crash was on the news which we have tried to notify his relatives but to no avail, see link below for more detailed information: & t=1496#p6452

Unfortunately, he has no family member in India or Over-sea who are aware of the existence of the funds, at this juncture, I have decided to do business with you by soliciting your assistance in applying as the next of kin to the bank then the money will be released to you, as I do not want the money to go into the bank treasury as an unclaimed bill, because the banking laws and guidelines stipulates that if such money(S) remains unclaimed for a period of five years(5yrs),the money will be moved into the bank treasury as an unclaimed bill.

My request and interest for a next of kin is occasioned by the fact that the customer was a foreigner and he secretly deposited the money without telling anybody, more importantly I will be responsible for approving application from a next of kin as part of my duty and recommendations but I will not let anybody know about the secret deal between us. 50% of the money will be my share and 40% will be your share for your role, partner and assistance to actualize this deal, while 10% will be for payment of expenses you made during and after the deal/transfer into your account thereafter you will transfer my share to my account once the money hits your account for disbursement according to the percentage indicated.

PLS contact me in this E-Mail: [email protected]

To affect the immediate transfer of the fund to your account as agreed, you must apply first to the bank as the next of kin to the deceased, and then we will follow up all formalities for the transaction. Send me your
• Name,
• ID proof,
• Address,
• mobile number
• Email
To enable me fix it up in the deceased customer file immediately. It is 100% risk free because it will be secret and nobody will find out.
Upon receipt of your reply, I will send to you, the text of application you are to send to the bank, and further clarify you in other issues as to effect this business.

Waiting to hear from you urgently

Best Regards
Miss.Kavita Mazumdar-Shaw
E-Mail: [email protected]

See the attached File :Mazumdar

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