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spam COLLECTION SENT VIA EMAILJOB OPPORTUNITY WORMALD LINTOTT GLOBAL OIL & GAS COMPANY 222, Marylebone Road London NW1 6JQ United Kingdom I am Mrs Josephine, an agent to the WORMALD LINTOTT GLOBAL OIL & GAS COMPANY This is a great opportune moment for an exotic candidates(outside UNITED KINGDOM) who wish to work here in the United Kingdom in different skills such as Primary Skill Labour(PSL), Secondary Skill Labour and Semi Skill Labour under the management of our company . Our WORMALD LINTOTT GLOBAL OIL & GAS COMPANY All Job description: 1. MANAGERS/ASSISTANT MANAGERS 2. COMPUTER OPERATORS/SOFTWARE ENGINEERS 3. ACCOUNTANTS/ ACCOUNTING OFFICERS 4. HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGERS/OFFICERS 5. LINGUISTICS 6. SUPERVISORY TRAINERS 7. TRAINERS (SKILL, KNOWLEDGE AND ATTITUDE) 8. MECHANICAL AND ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS Regards, Dr. Dwayne Ford, Director ( Human Resources), WORMALD LINTOTT GLOBAL OIL & GAS COMPANY UK Ltd. Tel:+44-8712340074 Fax: 0761-841-793

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