Let me first introduce our company, Matt Williams Trading Company , is a great company that deals on all kinds of products. We only want to establish a long lasting business relationship with your company as we want to start buying from you that’s why we are contacting you and hope that you can supply us with the best product that we want to purchase from your company

We appreciate the time you took to read our email and our Purchase Order

Having looked at your company details and products, we are sure you are capable of delivering the quality and quantity of products at the right time. We hope to develop a long term business relationship between both companies. The Purchase Order from our company is enclosed in this link : , To view the purchase order, then log into our secure company webmail with your email and password. You’ll not be able to view the purchase order if you don’t log in with your correct email and password, as your email is already registered in our database. We hope that you’re going to give us your best prizes and payment terms. We’ll be waiting to hear from you

Best Regards!
Matt Williams Trading Company

Mr. Philipp Johnson
Asst. Purchase Manager.

This is a Fake Mail, Don’t Click on the link above and not respond to them…..

from:  Matt William <[email protected]>
reply-to:  [email protected]
date:  Mon, Dec 9, 2013 at 10:43 PM
subject:  Purchase Order from our Company

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