DHL_india_fake_mailsDhl courier Service Company Dhl Office

Director: Dr.Frank Joel

Dhl courier Service Company. E-mail 🙁 [email protected] )

 Your parcel has been deposited with DHL Company . I want you to contact the Dhl Courier Company immediately you receive this message to know When they will deliver the parcel to you.

The delivering charges has already been paid . The only money you have to send to
them is there Security keeping fee to receive your
Package from them.

This is their Contact Address,

Director: Dr.Frank Joel
Dhl courier Service Company.
E-mail 🙁 [email protected] )

Try to contact them as soon as possible.

Below is the information you are required to send to them:
(1) Full name:
(2) Home Address:
(3) Telephone:
(4) Age:
(5) Sex:
(6) A copy of your photo
(7) Country / City:
(8) Occupation:
And you have to reconfirm your full information to them to avoid any mistake on
the delivery of your package to you as the agent arrive your country.


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