Most Important for Internet Users.


Most of us are fond of Internet, we use it in our daily life and we send Mails use facebook and twitter for our Information, Entertainment and for Learning . But the point is that we are not enough known about the certain facts that our Information can be leaked or , our account may be hacked by the Beautiful Minds of the world. So, we must have the basic concept of using internet on our system or from Public Place like Cafe. First : Don’t use remember me Password, Make your password strong. Always Logout your Account. 

Don’t respond to E-mail Links quickly. first read the whole mail and confirm first about the senders. Don’t open spam folder or delete whole Mails of Spams Folders. Don’t get provoked in message like Earn Huge , or you have won Millions prizes . Websites like,,, sell our Email addressees . That’s why we get fake Jobs Recruitment News or winning against or, so, stay cool. Send your Email Messages to us. We will see it and take an immediate step so that in future you may be safe.

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