spammersGreetings of the day to you Sir / madam,

I am planning to have a viable business in your country but due to the fact that I am a foreigner, I can not invest directly in your country without the concept of the citizen, But in my findings, I realized that its easy for me to do business in your country in as much i have a partner or link with someone who is a responsible citizen of the country and who is willing to go into business partnership with me. I have my money / capital for the investment ,I intend to invest into real estate and also in any profitable business and agricultural investment depend on what would be your advice.

I am seeking for your assistance to join me in actualizing my objective with your moral support and advise.if you are my God sent, kindly reply me as soon as possible while there is tangible reward for your acceptance, waiting for your favorable reply.[[email protected]]

Regards Micheal David Email- [email protected]

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