spam email copyA Completely fake Job offer. 

3187 Albion Rd South
Ottawa Canada. ONK1V 8Y3.
Human Resource Office.
Tel: +1-407-442-6125


Congratulation for the consideration of your job application Resume CV by the
Company Employment Directorate Office to serve as a full time employee of the
Company after review of your application submitted details. You are hereby
directed to join the company on or before October 2013 in our Ottawa office in
Canada. You will be on probation for three months then you will become our
permanent employee if found to be of a good behavior by observing company
rules and regulations.
Employment Details Below:
Post: COMPANY OFFICE ASSISTANT (In care of office
maintenance and professional service to the management office making sure
all officers perform the service relating to office maintenance service
Job Ref N0.: 01MK/5JZ012013
Service Location: OTTAWA CANADA
Salary: Monthly Salary take home after tax: $8,350:00USD
Working time: 8 AM TO 4PM Mondays to Fridays
You will receive your monthly salary on the 28th of every
month. There will be performance review after every six
months and salary revision once a year.
Car Maintenance: $300.00 dollar (Monthly)
House & Furnishings:$ 1,200 dollar (Yearly)
Entertainment & Recreation: 300.00 dollar (Monthly)
* You are entitled to 1 months Paid Leave which can be taken once
at a time or 2weeks apart from one different period.
*You will receive $1,000.00 US Dollar Take home for each leave
*Employer shall also take care of employees’ travel ticket including
that of employees’ Family only on employee’s early notification to
employer and as shall be requested by Employee.
You have to work for 40 hours per week. You will get overtime
benefit if you work for more hours as stipulated time.
The leave policy and other polices of the company are enclosed in
Terms and Conditions Document.
We look forward to work with you that will be mutually beneficial
for both the parties (Employer and Employee).
On the date of joining, you need to sign the Original employment
contract documents stating all employment terms and conditions. I
hope you will enjoy working with us to achieve a wonderful career
as an employee of our Company.
You are required to take responsibility for your visa processing and
inform the company to pay for your flight ticket after the approval
of your visa. The visa cost will be refunded to you as soon as you
resume duty in Canada in line with the Company policy on
international applicants. You are expected to give us progress
update on your visa processing between now and 7days after
receiving this appointment letter.
You are advice to contact Diplomat Owen Peters in Canadian
Embassy New Delhi India for your Visa processing immediately
you receive this offer letter on the information below:
Diplomat Owen Peters.
Visa Processing Department
Canadian High Commission Office
New Delhi India
Tel: + 917838961167
Email: [email protected]
This Appointment letter will be revoked if you are unable to secure
your traveling documents and Visa before the date you are
expected to resume duty in Canada.
Yours Sincerely,
Robert Becks
Employment Directorate Office
Doran Contractors Limited Canada
Doran Contractors Limited delivers quality service by keeping to terms of service engagement


We have changed the file and have made some comments in the file please read here…DORAN-CONTRACTORS-LIMITED-APPOINTMENT-LETTER- analysed


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