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Congratulations from The BLF-United Kingdom. Every year TBLF gives out cash amounts as donations and grants derived from the UK’s National Lottery to individuals, community groups, health organizations, educational and environmental projects as part of their contributions to the growth and well being of humanity. TBLF is committed to ‘accessibility’ – and this reflects TBLF’s mission “to bring improvements and developments to communities and the lives of people all around the world.

Having said that, it is with great pleasure, we humbly inform you that you are one of the fortunate beneficiaries to receive 500,000.00 United Kingdom Pounds from our ongoing 2013 Goodwill Project, Furtherance/Grant & Donation Program.

We request you equip us with:: // Name*, Address*/Country of residence* and Telephone number* ::// so as to enable us do the needful to facilitate the payout of your endowment/grant.


Nicholas .E. Garcia
Administrative Director I
T: 4487197444-ext-24
F: 448458520991

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subject:  2013-Goodwill, Furtherance, Grant & Donation Hand-Out

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