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Dear Sir,

Mr name is Youssef Boutros Ghali, former finance Minister under Hosin Mubaraku, who resigned under intense pressure from protesters.
l have been charged for corruption but the court has cleared me. when i was the Finance Minister I had the sum of US$12.5 million,which was deposited in security Company Oversea’s under the assistant of President Hosin Mubaraku of Egypt, but as of now, he has been sentenced to life imprisonment by the Government.
l need your assistant for us to re-lodge this fund into a private account under my assistant as the depositor, which will benefit but of us.As of now I had left the Country since February 2011 and went on asylum in one of the West African Countries.
l wanted us to disburse the fund as follows 50/50 .Please this message is highly confidential, even if you are not interested but lf you are interested, kindly email me to my private email address for mo re details.
Yours faithfully,
Youssef B. Ghali

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