Congratulations Nexgen power Ball Hotlotto 2012
This is to inform you that you have won a prize
money of ( 1,000,000 One Million Dollars ) for the 04/01/2012 Winning
no 35 10 22 29 1
International E-mail Draw which is Organized by Nexgen power Ball Company.
please contact our UK coordinator,Dr. Andy john
Fleming Telephone +447014275730 and E-mail ([email protected])
Provide him with the below details to enable him verify and issue you
the bank draft:
fill the form below for claim.

(1)Full Names:
(2)Residential Official Address:
(5)Postal Code:
(7)Winning Email Address:
(13)Winning no:
On behalf of myself and all staff of Nexgen power Ball company,
I say congratulations once again!
Contact Events Manager
Name: Dr. Andy john
TEL NO +447014275730
Nexgen power Ball Hotlotto 2012
Não foram detectados virus nesta mensagem.
Pls. Donot respond to this type of Messages. You are requested Donate for us. Because we are Providing / or rather helping you from Cyber Criminals

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