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Due to the global meltdown and financial crisis going on now, on November 24th, 2011, United Nations announced that thousands of individuals who lost money in USA and other different countries especially in Africa as a result of failed investment ventures, inheritance, lottery, loans, contracts then oil and gas allocations hence will receive an initial compensation distribution of up to an aggregate of US$350 million to US citizens which is a Fair Fund of US$650 million created from penalty payments universally. Section 308 of the S-O Act of 2011 empowers the SEC to create Fair Funds to return penalty money directly from every country such as Asia, Nigeria, Ghana, Spain, India, Malaysia and Europe for allowing scam to be carried out from their countries.
The Interactive Panel of the United Nations General Assembly on the Global Financial Crisis has passed an instruction and which has been universally agreed that funds will be paid to all victims and beneficiaries immediately. The UN is an Organization and has no dealings with the financial institutions but only checkmates all there activities. Your payment is ready to be made to you to your house. However, out of US$650 million set aside for compensation, your fund is only $14,800,000 million US Dollars and will be paid to you immediately. Send the details below:
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