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The United Nations Compensation Commission(UNCC)has made available a total of $863,725,490.00 to 27 governments and two international organizations for distribution to 370 successful claimants. This payment is made under the 2011 first phase of the payment mechanism established by the UNCC Governing Council. Your name came up under the list of people who have long-outstanding claims from inheritance of funds, lottery winnings prizes, and contractors to some foreign governments.
See the UNITED NATIONS news link for details:

Your Payment File was given to this office in respect of your total long over-due amount for which we have approved $2.5million us dollars (Two Million, Five Hundred Thousand united states dollars}. for you as compensation on your long awaiting fund related transaction You have Failed to claim because of either non-compliance with official processes or apparent ineptitude by the payment officers who have been handling the payment We wish to bring to you the solution to this problem. Right now we have arranged your payment through the GLOBAL FINANCE BANK LONDON where this amount has been deposited in your name.However,while the bank has tried to contact you without success a person in the name of Morris Green an American citizen sent a message and called the bank claiming that he has your mandate to claim the funds. Do you know this person and did you authorize him to claim the funds on your behalf?

It is very important that you contact the bank immediately as Global Finance Bank will have no option than to release the funds to Morris Green if they do not hear from you in the next 72 hours.

In your response you must send the following information as listed below.
1. Full name
2. Phone and Fax number
3. Your age and current occupation
4. Attach copy of your identification
Also for your information, you have to stop any further communication with any other person(s) or office(s) to avoid any hitches in recovering and receiving your payment.
Note that because of impostors we hereby issue you our Code of Conduct, which is (WBA-103),so you have to indicate this code when contacting the bank Global Finance Bank by using it as your subject to enable the bank refer to your file in there payment data base to enhance immediate response to you for your payment.

Forward All your Details as indicated above to the paying bank either by fax or by email below immediately so that you will receive your share of compensation fund $250.0000.00 without any delay. Failure to establish contact with the bank within 72hours your payment file will be suspended due to negligence.

Global Finance Bank
Camden House
West Parade
Birmingham B1 3PY
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 703 174 8616
Fax: +44 703 940 8715
[email protected]

Yours Sincerely,

Pls. Donot respond to this type of Messages. You are requested Donate for us. Because we are Providing / or rather helping you from Cyber Criminals

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