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64 Newman Street. City,
W1T 3EF, London.
United Kingdom.

Job ID: 21399106-2
Form No.: 21399IN-UK
Company Name:COCA-COLA INC.
Office: Online.
Position Type: Full-Time/ Part Time.
Experience: 0-1 Years Experience
Salary: 150$ per Hr- 7,300 INR (Indian Rupees)

Thank you for taking your time to read this mail, This is a notification email as regards to COCA-COLA 2011 recruitment program. This year COCA-COLA is presently recruiting different candidates from the entire ASIA continent who are willingly ready to work either from home or here in the United Kingdom. The required position has been specified below:

» HR
» Finance & Accounts
» IT
» Purchase & Supply Chain
» Admin/Secretarial
» Legal
» Customer Service/ BPO/ KPO
» Sales/Business Development
» Sales
» Marketing Manager
» marketing Assistance
» Mall Operations manager
» Consultant
» Marketing & Communications
» Finance & Accounts
» Customer Services
» Human Resources

If qualified for any of the above position, Kindly forward a copy of resume/qualification document to our email for processing.

Kindly forward all qualification documents & resume to :: [email protected]

Mrs Ellie Williams
Recruitment Official
Recruitment Office.
Coca-Cola Company.
United Kingdom.

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