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My name is William Fryzer, a solicitor at law. I am the personal
attorney/sole executor to the late Mr. Craig hereinafter referred to as my
client. My client and his immediate family members died in a car in East
London on the 5Th of November 2006. He was a Sub-Comptroller working with
Chevron Texaco Oil here in the United Kingdom and Left behind a deposit of
five Million Eight Hundred Thousand British Pound Sterling only
(5.8million Pound Sterling) with a bank. I have written several letters to
the embassy with intent to locate any of his extended relatives whom shall
be claimants/beneficiaries of his abandoned personal estate and all such
efforts have been to no avail.

I have professional reasons to use a legal means to present a next of kin
of my deceased client. This is legally possible and would be done in
accordance with the laws of the land. On this note I decided to search for
a credible person and finding that you are, I contact you, that with your
consent, present you to the “Trustee” as my late client’s family members
as to enable you put up a claim to the bank in that capacity as a next of
kin of my client. Please get in touch with me by my alternative email

William Fryzer
Dechert LLP London
160 Queen Victoria Street
London, EC4V 4QQ
Phone: +44 203 239 4943
+44 702 403 4794
Fax: +44 844 774 2671

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