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Current Price: .17
Target: .85+
Symbol: ECMZ
Rating: Very Strong Buy

Attention Traders,

Huge news just hit on what could be the Top 2011 Green play “ECMZ” so get ready to make 300-600% GAINS, this is one undervalued green-penny play and hidden gem you don’t won’t to miss or get left out on!

ECMZ is currently dirt cheap and is about to make an EXPLOSIVE move hurry and grab all the shares you can at these cheap prices. Incredible news was released after the market closed on Friday!

EcoEmissions Solutions, Inc. (ECMZ) proven patented emissions-reducing Catalyst Injection System (CIS) offers a global solution for diesel engines used in heavy industry and large marine applications around the world. The pre-combustion system (the only patented system of its type in the world), injects a palatinum-based catalyst (nano) solution into diesel engine cylinders producing a moer somplete burn of the diesel fuel that could be worth 1.2 billion dollars!

The Company just released HUGE news, after the Friday Market!

Estimated Multi-Billion Dollar Market Potential for Cost Saving and Environmentally Friendly Diesel System by ECMZ

ECMZ is currently concentrating on the US maritime market – there are almost 150 ports in the United States alone. The North American market is potentially a billion plus dollars annually

ECMZ is trading at its 52 week low of .17 cents. This leaves little downside risk for new investors looking to take a position in shares of ECMZ now. ECMZ has tremendous upside potential with a 52 week high of almost $1.00 a share! This is how real wealth can be created in the market literally overnight! Hurry before the Wall Street big shots hog all the action. Don’t miss out on ECMZ!

You can start your research here:

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