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Chairman Committee On Foreign Contract And
Inheritance Fund Payment Notification
From: Caixa Seguro

Attn: Beneficiary,

This Is To Inform You About Our Plan To Send Your Fund To You Through The
Delivery Of Money; This System Will Be Easier For You And For Us.

We”ll Send Your Part Payment Of Eur 2,500,000.00 (Two Million, Five
Hundred Thousand Euros) To You Via Diplomatic Courier Service This
Decision Was Made Last Week But To Our Greatest Surprise, A Woman By Name
(Mrs.Vivian Brown) Came To Our Office With An Application Stating That You
Gave Her The Power Of Attorney To Be The Beneficiary Of Your Outstanding
Contract/Inheritance/Award Funds.

She Made Us To Believe That You Are Dead And That She Is Your Next Of Kin.
We Got Your Email Address And Decided To Send An Email Through This
Address Hoping To Find Out If You Are Dead Or Alive And Also To Find Out
If You At Any Time Gave This Woman The Power Of Attorney To Receive Your
Consignments Or Represent You.

Please Let Us Know Also If You Are Aware That We Are Almost Ready To
Deliver Part Payment Of 2.5m Euro Of Your Outstanding Funds To Her Address
Stated Below:

Address: 2301 Monticello Rd.
City: Baltimore
State: Md
Zip Code: 21216
Country: United States
Beneficiary: Vivian Brown.

If You Are Not Aware Of The Above Instruction, Do Respond To This
Email;[email protected]
Immediately By Contacting The Chairman Of The International Remittance
Department (Mrs. Nancy Walter) I Have Secured Every Needed Document To
Cover The Money. Note: The Money Comes In Two Boxes Of Evidence Of Safety,
The Boxes Are Sealed With Synthetic Nylon Seal And Padded With Machine
Before It Was Locked. I Will Use My Position As Manager Of The Caixa
Seguro Plc To Release These Funds To You.

Her Contact Information Are Written Below:

Name:Mrs.Nancy Walter
Direct Telephone Number:+34-634-341612
Email;[email protected]

I”ll Let You Know When The Shipments Will Be Lifted, And Note: The
Diplomatic Does Not Know The Original Contents Of Houses. What Was
Declared To Them As The Content Is Sensitive Photographic Film.
I Did Not Declare Money To Them Please. If You Call You And Ask You The
Contents Please Tell Them The Same Thing.

For Immediate Delivery Of Your Funds Be Informed That You Are Not Allowed
To Correspond Or Contact Any Person Or Office With Respect To This
Transfer Other Than This Office, You Are Required To forward Her An Email
With Your Full Following Information Below:

1) Your Full Name__________________

2) Residence Address, City, State And Country_______________________

3) Personal Cell Phone, Fax And Mobile Phone Number_________________________

Yours Sincerely,

Michael Frankel.

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