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Po Box 200, Harrogate England,
United Kingdom
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Dear Winner,

The Board of Directors, members of staff and the International Awareness Promotion Department of the BBC Lottery congratulate you on your success as one of our TEN(10) STAR PRIZE WINNER in this year’ International Awareness Promotion (IAP) 2011 held in LONDON.

Your email address was randomly selected along with nine others from a database of over 1,000,000 email addresses drawn from the WORLD-WIDE-WEB.

This Makes you the proud winner of cash prize worth (£750,000GBP)

Kindly fill the verification form below and send it to Mr. JOHN HARRY .our claims department manager through email.

He has been mandated to offer you assistance and facilitate the urgent delivery of your prizes.

1 Name : =========

2 Address: =========

3. Country/State=====

4. Mobile No=======

5. Sex============

6. Age===========

7. Occupation======

8. Email==========

9 Your Full Name(s)=

10 Your Bank Name :

11 Name on Account :

12 Account Number :
Tel: +447014241379.

For confirmation of your winning numbers, please ensure you check your winning details on our website which given below

Claims Manager,

National Lottery Results.
PO Box 200
Harrogate England,UK
+44 (87)19961135

This mail is to officially inform you about the authenticity/legitimacy of this award and also bring to your notice once again that it was your E-mail ID. that emerged you a lucky winner of Seven Hundred and fifty Thousand Great Britain Pound Sterlings {750,000.00GBP} in the on going 2011 B.B.C LOTTERY e-mail sweepstakes promotion in for Asia Territory.Your winning verification process is completed and your winning funds is approved for remittance.You are now entitled to your full winnings of 750,000 GBP.
Your winning amount will be delivered by our diplomat to your country and we will only hand over the parcel to the beneficiary only whom will sign for its collection. This individual must have a valid identification of him/herself as proof. Also we do not allow winners to send their friends or relatives to receive their winnings on their behalf for security purposes.

It is our usual practice to carry out a routine verification about the custom policy of a country before embarking on any international delivery so as to avoid complications.Be informed that the custom in your country has made us understand that upon the arrival of our delivery Diplomat officer,your parcel needs to be cleared at the custom post and the custom duty fee is 25,500 INR.This is because the winning amount which we are bringing to you is a very huge sum at such requires a custom legal clearance/approval.

You are advice to make the required 25,500 INR available to him once he arrives your home town to enable him fulfill the normal Customs clearing obligations at the International Airport so that your parcel containing your Cheque will not be held/delayed at the airport where our diplomat will arrive.

The diplomat ( DANIEL MORE.) will personally present to you all the relevant documents and your winning cheque and certificate and also assist you through all the process of remittance there in your home country .The delivery of your prize is currently on the way as it is passing through the British Security Screening.Due to the urgency needed in this delivery we are informing you that all is set for your delivery of your winning cheque to your home address without any delay.

Very importantly, you are to reconfirmed the below information for
documentation purpose and to avoid any error on delivery.

1)Your Name
2)Personal mobile number
3)Home address and also with Your City
4)Scanned copy of Any of your passport photograph or D/L
5)Annual Income
If this terms of our delivering your winning parcel is okay by you.Upon the receipt of this email kindly
inform us about your decision before we commence delivery.

Thank you for your understanding. Please Call the BBC lottery Coperation on Phone: +44 (87)19961135 if you wanna speak with our Agent.

Dr.Don John Harry
Payment Manager.

National Lottery Results.
PO Box 200
Harrogate England,UK

Be informed that all is set for the diplomat to proceed with the delivery of your winning funds to your home address which you have provided to this office. Our diplomat (MR DANIEL MORE) will arrive New Delhi India on

13th- April – 2011 to deliver your valid won cheque to you.

Regarding the converstion of the award fund of 750,000 GBP to your local currency
750,000.00 GBP = 54,773,653.58 INR
United Kingdom Pounds India Rupees
1 GBP = 73.0315 INR 1 INR = 0.0136927 GBP

To avoid any delay of carrying out his duty as stipulated, you are advice to make available the required 25,500 INR when he arrives to enable him fulfill the normal Indian customs clearing obligations at the International Airport for your parcel to be released and pass customs clearance without hesitation, you have to keep 25,500 INR for the custom charges. We advise you keep your winnings confidential until our diplomat arrives your doorstep for a maximum security of our diplomat

Please note that your custom will demand for the list charges below:

Custom Clearance Fees : 15,500INR
Registration Of Package : 5,000INR
Immigration Charges : 5,000INR

Flight No






BR 0012


12th/April London,England,UK (LHR-Heathrow)




According to our flight information booked by this company, the flight will arrived in India then our diplomat will take a local flight or any other possible means to your state where he can locate your designated address. The Diplomat (DANIEL MORE) will also assist you cash you’re winning cheque in any of your local Bank and lodge it in your account and then take photographs with you and your family before leaving.

Thank you and congratulations once again.


Dr.Don John Harry

Pls. Donot respond to this type of Messages. You are requested Donate for us. Because we are Providing / or rather helping you from Cyber Criminals

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