Minister of Finance Turkey congress of the African affairs(CAA)to claim your $7.5 million USD

datePosted on 18:31, August 20th, 2018 by email fraud Information

the congress of the African affairs(CAA)to claim your $7.5 million USD

email fraud informationThe restrictions has been made six years ago at UN congress on African affairs dated 20th February 2012. It is a joint decision by the UN, IMF & World bank after several deliberations on the issue. Before i proceed, Let me first introduce myself. I am Dr Berat Albayrak, the minister of finance and economic affairs Turkey. Since the decision to restrict Nigeria, Benin, Ghana and Burkina Faso from some international transactions due to mass report of fraud coming from that region, beneficiaries are warned all over the globe to be careful in transacting with those countries to prevent further scams but few listened while some are ignorant of their mistakes. Without wasting your time, i was mandated to complete 24 outstanding payments to some foreign beneficiaries who have never received their winning fund from Africa till date. The settlement includes lottery winners, compensation funds, inheritance, ATM card payment as well as western union and money gram bonus payments.You are among the the people whose file was forwarded to my office today.
NB; It does not take more than two working days here in Turkey to make payment to a beneficiary in any method you prefer. And having said the above, i will never repeat this email to any of the intended beneficiary who are to receive their fund from my office. Although i will make sure the message gets to you all and those who responds are those to be attended.

Send your reply to …..[email protected]com

You have only seven working days according to the instruction given to me by the congress of the African affairs(CAA)to claim your $7.5 million USD or your file approval number will be deactivated. Thanks as i await your urgent respond.

Dr Berat Albayrak

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