Sum of US$986,000.00 has been deposited with Access United Bank

datePosted on 18:03, March 20th, 2018 by emailfrauds
email fraud informationAttention,
This is to inform you that the IMF Auditors are presently sitting in the United States this third quarter supervising the payment of foreign beneficiaries.This supervision exercise was part of the agreement signed between the UN,IMF,World Bank and the US Government.The sum of US$986,000.00 has been deposited with Access United Bank, as compensation fee and you are hereby urge to write to them so that,The Access United Bank will setup an online account on your behalf and send you the access transfer particulars to transfer your funds directly into your personal account.Our legal department shall handle the most important and vital aspect of it all in your stead which is the legal angle of claim.It may interest you to know that this is a compensation of the money you lost in scam.

Name: Ana Dixon
Yours Faithfully
Celina Morgan
from: Celina Morgan [email protected]
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date: 20 March 2018 at 04:30
subject: Re: Online Bank Payment

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