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>> > CHEVROLET Programs & Events Department,
>> > Chevrolet UK Ltd, Address: Griffin House,
>> > UK1-101-135, Osborne Road, Luton,
>> > Bedfordshire LU1 3YT,UK.
>> >>> >
>> >
>> > We are pleased to inform you of the result of the last MOBILE qqannual draw of our Chevrolet International Lottery Programs. The Chevrolet mobile lotto draws was conducted from an exclusive list of 25,000,000 Mobile Numbers all over the world of individual and corporate bodies picked by an advanced automated random computer search from the Internet. No tickets were sold. Continue reading “a cash prize of Four Crore Thirty Five Lakhs India Rupees (RS,4,35,000,000.00/INR) from the total payout, CONGRATULATIONS!!!” »


This is officially notify you that your package have successfully arrived at
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport Georgia Usa. Your package
contains the sum of $12,800,000.00 U.S Dollar conveys by high diplomatic agent
Mark Edward by name.

Hopefully this email has reached you to effect the arrangement of delivering
the boxed-cash to you: you’re advised to reconfirm your delivery address to the
International Diplomatic Dispatch Agent immediately to enable him deliver the
boxed-consignment to you within the stipulated time. Continue reading “Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport Georgia Usa. The sum of $12,800,000.00 U.S Dollar” »

spam COLLECTION SENT VIA EMAILGreetings from Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Charity Foundation. You have been approved a donation amount of $3.5 Million USD sent to you as his charity support to humanity. To verify email authenticity.
see link:

Send the below information to Cash office for claims •Full Name, •Mobile #, •Age, •Country,• Occupation.

Send your response to: Continue reading “A donation amount of $3.5 Million USD sent to you as his charity support to humanity” »

Good News Friedrich Mayrhofer

datePosted on 16:22, November 2nd, 2016 by emailfrauds

spam COLLECTION SENT VIA EMAILThis is the second time i am sending you this mail.I, Friedrich Mayrhofer Donate $ 1,000,000.00 to You, Email me personally for more details. Regards. Friedrich Mayrhofer.

from: Friedrich Mayrhofer <>
reply-to: Friedrich Mayrhofer <> Continue reading “Good News Friedrich Mayrhofer” »

Mrs. Farida Hamid Hussain

datePosted on 16:37, October 23rd, 2016 by emailfrauds

email fraud information

My Name is FaridaHamid from Syria Hello my dear lovelying friend,How are you doing today hope all is well ok with you? Good i will really like us to be in good relationship that we read us in future forever&ever? As you do accept with my honor i will like you to kindly contact me directly to my E-mail address:THANK YOU? Continue reading “Mrs. Farida Hamid Hussain” »


Please forgive me because I’m not internet savvy and I am a widow to
oil & Gas merchant now i have been diagnosed with cancer , The doctors
said I have a few months to live.

Am sorry if you are embarrassed by my mail, I found your e-mail address in the web directory, and I have decided to contact you, but if for any reason you find this mail offensive, you can ignore it and please accept my apology. Before my late husband died he was a major oil tycoon, in Qatar and deposited the sum of $39,000,000.00 Million Dollars ( Thirty-Nine Million Dollars) in a company some years ago, that’s all I have left now, having know my condition, I decided to establish communication in asking or need you to collect this funds and distribute it yourself to charities. So that when I die my soul can rest in peace. The funds will be entirely in your hands and management. I hope God gives you the wisdom to touch very many lives that is my main concern. Continue reading “A major oil tycoon, in Qatar and deposited the sum of $39,000,000.00 Million Dollars in a company” »


Good day to you and how are you? I am Mr. Humphrey Akakpo, from (UTB) Union Togolaise De Banque here in Lome Togo in West Africa, I am contacting you because I want us to partner and claim the sum of £10.6million belonging to late Mr. Umnov, he was an Engineer contractor in oil field here.

Give me the below information if you are interested and I will give you a comprehensive detail about this deal and how this claim will be legally achieved. Continue reading “I want us to partner and claim the sum of £10.6million belonging to late Mr. Umnov” »

Donation of Amount deposited a total of £11.4 Million Pound

datePosted on 17:48, July 25th, 2016 by emailfrauds

spam COLLECTION SENT VIA EMAILI am Gu Kailai the wife of Bo Xilai, one of China’s most influential politicians until he was stripped of his offices in 2012.

Read this link to have a better understanding:

I have decided to give out Donations to Charity, as the Government will not Stop until they have completely destroyed my Family. I do not intend to involve any member of my Family, as I will not want the money traced to them. This is why I have decided to contact a complete stranger who believes in Charity, to assist me give out the money to help the less privilege. I have decided to do this because if the Deposit is not cleared within the next 3-4 Months it will be Declared Unclaimed, and it will be returned to the Coffers of the Government. Will it not be better to have the Funds given to Charity than have it Claimed by the Government? Continue reading “Donation of Amount deposited a total of £11.4 Million Pound” »


I know this mail will come to you as a surprise since we haven’t known or come across each other before considering the fact that I sourced your email contact through the Internet in search of trusted person who can assist me.

I am Miss Esther Warlord Ibrahim Coulibaly 24 years old female from the Republic of Ivory Coast,West Africa ,am the Daughter of Late Chief Sgt.Warlord Ibrahim Coulibal (a.k.a General IB ). My late father was a well known Ivory Coast militia leader . He died on Thursday 28 April 2011 following a fight with the Republican Forces of Ivory Coast(FRCI).I am constrained to contact you because of the maltreatment which I am receiving from my step mother. Continue reading “My father of blessed memory deposited the sum of US$ 7.5 Million in one bank in Burkina Faso” »

please pardon me for not knowing your mindset before contacting you and it is very confidential, i live in Togo but my country of origin is Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) and my name is Mrs Melissa Gorgers the Wife of late Mr.Richard Gorgers,I pray that my plan with you Shall be of good success. After reading my message please kindly get back to me.

It’s my pleasure to contact you for a business venture which i intend to Establish in your country . Though I have not met with you before but I believe,One has to risk confiding in someone to succeed sometimes in life.There is this huge amount of 6.5 million U.S dollars (US$6.500, 000.00) Which my late husband kept in a security company in republic of Togo before his death. My husband got sick and was transferred to Germany for treatment but died later of ulcer and was buried.

Now I and my daughter have decided to invest this money in your country or Anywhere safe enough for security and political reasons. We want you to help us to transfer these funds to your account for investment.

Purposes on the followings below:And l will also like to know if you have any other good business idea.
1). Charity organizations
2). Clothes
3). Real Estate
4). Construction business
5). Building materials and others between any stable country/countries.
6). Transport (taxi)

Be free to reply this mail and i will welcome any advice from you. Thanks for now, waiting to hear from you.I will give you more information consigning the transfer

Thank you and God bless you.

Mrs Melissa Gorgers

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from: Mrs Melissa Gorgers <>
date: 21 July 2016 at 06:41
subject: Re: waiting for your response
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