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Compliment of the week.

I am Susan William from London; I work with Royal Bank of Scotland,
This letter is highly privileged, and it requires your immediate
attention. You are receiving this letter because your family name
connected to a deceased customer Engineer. Michael , who was a
national of your country. Continue reading “susanwilliam fixed-term Deposit with our bank which worth 4.7 Million Pounds” »

Dear Friend,

million dollars transferMy name is Mr Mohamad Ahmed. I am working with one of the prime banks here in Burkina Faso. Here in this bank existed a dormant account for many years, which belong to one of our late foreign customer.

When I discovered that there had been neither deposits nor withdrawals from this account for this long period, I decided to carry out a system investigation and discovered that none of the family member or relations of the late person are aware of this account, which means nobody will come to take it. The amount in this account stands at $5, 000 000 (Five Million USA Dollars). Continue reading “$5, 000 000 (Five Million USA Dollars) tranfer in account Burkina Faso” »